I choose my blog topic to be marijuana. I chose to blog about marijuana because of the recent legalization of marijuana, medicinal purposes, other facts, stories and its use. On December 5th, 2012 the recreational use of marijuana was put into effect. A gathering under the space needle was held; the people stood and counted down the minutes and seconds left till December 5th, 2012. . Once the clock struck 12 am on December 5th the lighters were sparked. Prohibition in Washington State for marijuana has come to an end. Some would so finally other would simply ask why.

After the legalization the State has a per say dilemma on their hands. The big question is how is it going to sold, provided and regulated throughout the state? Last night David Nathan from CNN published an article “How to regulate pot when it’s legal”. Nathan gives multiple bullet points of actions that need to be executed in order to run a potentially hassle-free industry. One of those actions includes associates that are knowledgeable about weed and its scientific properties. This is important for customers because not only was pot illegal several months ago, but there are people who don’t smoke weed enough to know what’s actually happening.

Another step that should be taken, according to Nathan, would be to provide funding for knowledge and proper usage of marijuana. I moderately agree with his statement. I have seen multiple people use marijuana daily with no “abuse effects”. Those effects would be those related to other drugs such as crack, cocaine, meth or any other addicting yet abused substance. When the user runs out of marijuana they don’t sell or pawn items because they need weed. I don’t believe that marijuana is addicting either; therefore knowledge on abuse might be irrelevant.

All in all, I believe marijuana is a good topic because of the large amounts of controversy; alongside the stories, facts, purposes and usage. I will be posting more on marijuana and other topics related to marijuana soon.

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