Final Logo


For my project I designed a logo for a medical marijuana doctors office, otherwise known as a clinic. I made a design for a clinic because I have seen the operation and process at a clinic and enjoyed it’s professionalism. I used the design of a green cross in representation of medical marijuana. The green cross is used throughout the country on signs, billboards, cars and other advertisements for clinics and dispensaries. The difference between the two would be the altering of the size, shape, proportion and additional designs. The MMJ could be changed or altered for advertisement for the clinic. For example I know of a clinic with the name Cannahealth, I could place the CH in the center of the circle. When starting from scratch, a lot of problems presented themselves. Problems such as where to start, how to make the design and what to use. After plotting I used the rectangle tool to make a rectangle that fit proportionately vertically on the 400 x 400 pixel background. Second, I copied and pasted a second rectangle exactly the same. Thirdly I rotated the second rectangle 90 degrees to create a cross illusion. Of course it required me to center the two objects, but that wasn’t a problem. Fourth, I needed to find a way to merge the pieces and color it. Fifth, I used the group tool and made both rectangles one shape. Sixth, I used the ellipse tool to create a perfect circle to cut out of the cross, or at least give it that appearance. Lastly, I added and centered the letters MMJ in the circle. After getting review and looking at my rough logo I decided to make some changes. First, I changed the color of the cross to a more marijuana typed color. I then moved MMJ underneath the white circle to show the type of clinic. And last, but not least I added a little spice to the name of the clinic. 


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